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May 2023 Mug Rug Kit for Muggies ONLY!

Our newest Mug Rug Kit is here! Full of awesome fabrics, goodies and our Premier get some bonus cards. We are offering some special Muggie things in our Newsletter too! T-shirts, Totes all custom printed and ready for your special Quilty friends. Get yours today.

May 2023 Kit includes:

  • 9"x11" Cream&Black grid for background
  • 12"x22" Packed Spools for borders
  • 12"x 22" Blue tossed Pins for backing
  • 6"x6" yellow blender
  • 4"x4" heavy duty Heat n Bond
  • 2"x2" red foam for heart
  • 1 high heel shoe Charm 
  • Heart hanger
  • 2 bobbin holders
  • 4"x5" Roc-lon fabric for patch