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Boneyard Buddies Glow in the Dark Laser Cut images with the Embroidery CD (HQH - 02-LCE)

You will love our latest Halloween quilt created using many of my fabric characters as skeletons! This is the laser cut images for the embroidery CD so you get it all! You get everything you need to complete the quilt. This is cut from Michael Millers Glow in the dark fairy frost fabric so it lights up at night!  This is perfect for those Halloween decorating needs you can use it as a quilt, make pillows etc. We have stitched it using Sulky Glowy®, glow in the dark thread and the kids love it when the lights go out.  To purchase Sulky's Glowy directly from them just follow the affiliate link provided. Have fun! Glowy Thread (all glow in the dark threads are polyester, they have a lower melting point so protect your stitches from the iron and do not iron the thread directly)

So many ideas, so little time! Enjoy your own Boneyard Buddies. This is the laser cut images for embroidery CD which is included.